Sound Bath Journey
what you need to know about sound healing  

nurturing harmonious melodiousness with vibrational therapy and energetic healing to guide you through a cosmic soundscape synergy, designed for deep opening of the heart.

A nurturing sound healing journey into the heart. Guy brings soothing harmonious melodiousness with vibrational therapy and energetic healing, as he guides the participants through a cosmic soundscape experience designed for deep opening of the heart in meditation and relaxation.
Accompanied by alchemy crystal singing bowls, therapeutic harps, planetary gongs, flutes and sacred mantra chanting.

No experience needed! Please bring your own comfort props. We recommend a mat, pillow, light blanket to cover with and an eye pillow.

Sound healing meditation helps reduce stress and induces relaxation. Sound therapy research shows that certain frequencies and sound waves can balance left and right brain hemispheres, help individuals suffering from anxiety by setting off the parasympathetic autonomous nerve system in “relaxation response”, relief PTSD symptoms and sleeping disorders by triggering the proper brain waves, improve focus and concentration and so much more. Join us at Sol Studios Fairfax, as we create a safe and nourishing space for deep somatic healing, letting go and cultivating a sense of inner peace.

Here’s an intro to Sound Healing and Sound Bath Journey in general, for those needing a broader explanation:

Sound Affects Our Body and Mind

Sound is powerful! We know that the sound like the one produced by nature, or on the contrary, construction site noise, can make us feel really good or make us go ‘out of our mind’. Similarly we’re also aware of how music effects us, for instance, in the way that some particular tunes spark specific memories and emotions, while other tunes can affect our mood and may help us concentrate.
Although we’re aware of the effects of sound for healing and the effects of sound contamination, most of us don’t really follow a particular regimen for inducing a positive sound healing experiences or for cutting out sound contamination.

Sound Healing Modalities

Different Sound healers use different instruments and sometimes may default to using only their voice. Sound Bath Journey and the work of sound healing as a therapeutic modality can be categorized into three main groups:

  • Musicality – Soothing and relaxing harmonious musicality (not used by all sound healers and practitioners)
  • Vibrational therapy by using vibrating sound healing tools such as tuning forks, crystal bowls and gongs to create rate modulation binaural frequencies and euphonic frequencies that affect different brain waves. Also by creating particular frequencies that resonate well with specific physical and energetic centers (chakras).
  • Energetic Healing – The sound healer uses their power of intention and perception to create the setting/ambiance and hold the space for whatever processes the sound bath participants are going through. This part of the work depends on the sound healer’s particular experience and inclination towards energetic work.

Sound Healing Research and Studies.

Sound healing existed for millenniums in many of the indigenous cultures of the world , in which sound and music played an integral roll in spiritual practices, medicine work and folklore. In the modern west, sound therapy is relatively a new and emerging healing art and it has few supporting studies and little funding for research. That being said, many people attending sound baths and private sound therapy sessions are reporting lots of benefits such as deep relaxation, overall rejuvenation and relief from fatigue, decrease in stress, anxiety and depression, improvement in ptsd symptoms, less insomnia, and pain management. There’s also great work being done with those suffering from Autism, Alzheimer and Parkinson. If you’re interested to learn more about the medical and scientific aspects of sound healing, we have compiled a growing list of articles and references to sound healing related studies and research:


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Guy Lombrozo is a transformational mentor, healer and meditation teacher based in the SF Bay Area. Guy has roots in Jewish, Vedic, Buddhist and Shamanic traditions with deep curiousity towards all spiritual wisdoms and consciousness elevating practices. He's an ordained spiritual counselor with formal training in meridian bodywork, shiatsu, raja yoga, Thai massage and sound therapy.