Sound Breath Journey
Chakra & Tonal Breath-Work 

Coupling frequency and vibration together with breath-work, creates a whole new level of body mind experience and blockage release.

Chakra Activation Breath-Work

Regenerative breath-work exercises to activate and balance the energy centers

The chakras, are vital energy centers that are deeply effecting the health, balance and well being of our physical, mental, emotional and psychological faculties. We will learn and practice regenerative breath-work exercises to activate and balance each energy center as we slowly make our way from the lower to the upper Sushumna Nadi gates, from the sacrum to the crown. The 45 minute breath-work session will be followed by a crystal bowl sound healing meditation in deep relaxation.  No experience needed. We recommend bringing a back-jack If you have one, a comfortable mat to lay on along with a pillow and something cosy to cover yourself with during the sound healing (eye pillow can also be helpful.


Tone Infused Breath-Work Meditation

When you take something as essential and as fundamental for life as breath and you introduce attention and awareness to it, weather with or without a change of breath pattern, you can achieve quite an extraordinary shift in mental clarity and relaxation. If you add the element of frequency, by practicing tonality breath-work, you’re entering a whole new level of body mind experience and blockage release.


Vibrational Massage for your entire Being

Guy Lombrozo is a transformational mentor, healer and meditation teacher based in the SF Bay Area. Guy has roots in Jewish, Vedic, Buddhist and Shamanic traditions with deep curiousity towards all spiritual wisdoms and consciousness elevating practices. He's an ordained spiritual counselor with formal training in meridian bodywork, shiatsu, raja yoga, Thai massage and sound therapy.